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Luke Tuitonga Vakacegu

Luke Tuitonga is the Quality and Safety Manager. He started his career in aviation in 2007 and was involved in rotorcraft and fixed wing operators which includes amphibious seaplane operators & maintenance organisations in Fiji. Luke held a Fit and Proper Person senior positions for Quality Assurance Manager for 7 years, which includes SMS Manager and AVSEC Manager for 5 years. Luke has been in the aviation industry for the past 12 years and has experience and knowledge in stores management, ground operations, maintenance planning & maintenance control, ISO 9001 internal auditor, quality management system and safety management system in the aviation industry. He just recently joined Heli Niugini as the QA & Safety Manager.

Nellie Tumai 

Nellie Tumai is the Commercial Manager. She started her career in aviation in 2000 and was involved with both fixed wing and rotorcraft operators and maintenance organisations in PNG. Nellie held Fit and Proper Person (FPP) senior positions for Maintenance Control for 3 years, Quality Manager for 3 years and then as the Safety and Quality Manager for 12 years before taking up the commercial role in September 2018. Nellie’s experience and knowledge include HR, administration, business management systems, ground operations, maintenance, maintenance planning & maintenance control, quality management systems and safety management systems in the aviation industry.

Bill Nyman 

Bill Nyman is the Airworthiness Manager. He has 34 years experience in aviation in both military and civilian sectors, with a range of licences and approvals, for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Bill has 17 years of experience in PNG and 6 years experience in Maintenance control with HNL. He is also a qualified pilot. 

Steve Lawson 

Steve Lawson is the Chief Pilot and has over 9,000 hours total flight time, 20 years in PNG. Steve holds an Australian ATPL and PNG CPL, has extensive experience in external load operations with experience on seismic, mineral exploration drill moves, operations in the oil and gas sector for Chevron, oil Search and other oil companies. He has extensive altitude experience in various operations. He holds Check & Training approvals in PNG and has previously held an Australian Class 1 instructor rating. With experience in ab initio training to commercial pilot’s license in Australia. He brings a broad and high level of experience in flight Operations, with a strong focus on Safety and Continual Improvement. Steve has experience in SMS systems and risk management. He was instrumental in the introduction and implementation of the HFDM program for Heli Niugini, and is dedicated to the continual progression of flight operations to worlds best practice standards.

Karl Wimmer 

Karl Wimmer is the Deputy Chief Pilot has over 10,000 hours of flying time with 15 plus years experience in PNG. Karl holds Check & Training approvals in PNG and an Australian Class 1 instructor rating. He has experience in all aspects of flying in PNG. Prior to this role, Karl was the Base Manager for a remote site, which encompassed over 3,000 flying hours with a fleet of five helicopters for a very successful seismic program. Karl is Steve’s back-to-back.

Juanita Kalip-Tawi 

Juanita Kalip-Tawi is the Company Secretary and Financial Controller. She has a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from Divine Word University (DWU) in Madang and has been an associate member of CPA PNG since 2004. Juanita has many years of experience in a global chartered accounting firm in PNG before joining the aviation industry. She has been in the aviation industry now for more than nine years.  Her finance management experience has been invaluable in this management role. Juanita is currently completing a MBA at DWU.

Nigel Lory

Nigel Lory is a Flight Operations Manager and leads the operations team. He has over 15 years of logistic management experience in PNG. Nigel’s vast range of knowledge in helicopter operations includes heavy air support for oil, gas and mining exploration, precision long line construction, OHS and Risk Management. He has also worked in West Africa with Chevron Texaco.

Raymond Denysschen 

Raymond Denysschen is the Chief Engineer. Raymond has 20 years of experience working in the aviation sector in Africa, the US and PNG. He is a licensed aircraft engineer and is FAA Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) as well as  PNG CASA licensed. Raymond has extensive knowledge and experience in the Bell fleet.

Oleg Pogorelov

Vladimir Kadochnikov

Oleg Pogorelov and Vladimir Kadochnikov are the Mil Managers who have been associated with our CIS helicopter operations since 1993. They have both managed the Russian aircraft operations and crews in the last 20 years. Oleg and Vladimir are pilots with over 10,000 flying hours as Pilot in command and have pilot instructor experience on both Mil 8 and Ka-32 helicopters. They have both provided training to our Heavy helicopter pilots in the company. Vladimir is Oleg’s back-to-back.

Oleg and Vladimir bring a combined experience of operating in PNG for 50 years.



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